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Set Compass is a Google Maps tool that enables users to plot and record compass bearings, distances and magnetic declination or variation for single or multiple routes. Users may choose between plotting a single-leg or multi-leg route and Set Compass then overlays an interactive Silva compass on a Google Map. Users can drag the compass and position it to point in any direction. Users can then plot a route on the map using the compass. The compass tool will automatically adjust for differences between magnetic and true north for any location on Earth and also provide users with the latitude and longitude coordinates of their routes. Google Maps compass routes can be saved and stored for later retrieval.

Ordnance Survey Maps have been integrated within this Google Map tool. Ordnance Survey Compass overlays a compass on an Ordnance Survey Map that matches the Google Map location.

Set Compass could be used to teach students about the difference between magnetic north and true north. Students can position the compass on various places on the map to see how the difference between magnetic north and true north varies depending upon where you are on the Earth.

Our Google Maps compass application is ideal for educationalists, orienteers, walkers and hikers wishing to practise compass reading and plan routes from the comfort of their classroom or armchair. It is not designed to replace compass reading using maps produced by the national mapping agencies such as Ordnance Survey of the United Kingdom.


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