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Delete this post Submitted by Oliv Sullivan on 25/Feb/2016


I've been using Google Compass for several months. Thank you for the service. Recently however I have noticed some changes that are undesirable. Using the aerial view, as I zoom in, two things happen. (1) the angle changes from looking flat down on a property to an angled shot. I need for the view to remain flat. (2) On the property 1908 Clear Falls Court, Raleigh, NC, the house is visible until the angled view at which time only trees are shown on the lot. I have tried using the feature that does not show the aerial view, only lots, streets and house outlines, but only one house shows up on the entire street when in fact there are at least five homes that exist and have been there for two or more years. Please put the site features back the way they were. Thanks.

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